We serve as a global branding and public relations (PR) partner, supporting your organization by raising its overseas presence.



Aalto International serves as a global branding and public relations (PR) partner,

supporting your organization by raising its overseas presence.

We believe that a global presence is necessary for buoying corporate success.

And we bridge this path to overseas success for corporations with a strong emphasis on PR.

With our multinational team covering Asia, Europe and North America, we cross the existing frameworks of PR

and business consulting industries to generate new, added value for your brand and its related products.


  • Mariko Fukui
    Mariko FukuiManaging Director / Global PR Strategy Planner

    Country: Japan
    After working with PR firm Hakuhodo and a digital agency in Japan, Mariko was part of the launch of a Japan-related business in Singapore with which she engaged in corporate sales and Asia-targeted publicity. From a communications standpoint of wanting to help companies engage more in global business, Mariko founded Aalto International. In addition to enlightening and aiding Japanese companies on matters of global PR, Mariko holds a strong network of overseas influencers (analysts, editors and journalists) and is the Japan Representative for the Sweden-based, global PR platform, Mynewsdesk.

    Areas of Specialty: Overseas Influencer Relations, Global Corporate Communications, Overseas Content Marketing, Video PR
    Industries: B2B (Automotive, Environmental Technology, Electronic Components, General Electronic Devices), Others


  • Shinichi Tsusaka
    Shinichi TsusakaChief Financial Officer / C.P.A.

    Country: Japan
    After working with a Danish corporation and becoming a USPCA Certified Public Accountant, Shinichi spent time in Singapore with auditing firm Deloitte. Then having gained experience in Singapore with the launch of a separate company, Shinichi was a part of the launching of Aalto International. Having spent seven years in Singapore and from his experience in the launching of overseas businesses, Shinichi provides valuable overseas PR advice based on business strategy.

    Areas of Specialty: Business Strategy, Singapore
    Industries: B2B (Automotive, Environmental Technology, Electronic Components, General Electronic Devices)


  • Ryoji Sato
      Ryoji SatoAdvisor

      Country: Japan
      Ryoji has been a part of Sony’s advertising headquarters for more than 2 decades now and during this time he has had the responsibility of leading communication strategies and global marketing projects for Sony.
      With his extensive experience and knowledge concerning the industry of global marketing, he now acts as an advisor to many major companies as well as Aalto International. He leads the development of human resources here at Aalto and further supports the team by advising them on global communication strategies.

    • Max Rehm
      Max RehmChief Operation Officer

      Country: Germany, Canada
      With postgraduate studies in international relations, Max serves as an intermediary between Japan, North America and Germany. From a background that includes time spent in a wide variety of countries, Max always takes a multi-faceted perspective on things and has a strong determination to bring about cross-cultural understanding.

      Areas of Specialty: Overseas Influencer Relations, Germany, North America
      Industries: B2B (Automotive, Environmental Technology, Electronic Components, General Electronic Devices), B2C


    • Marie-Isabelle Kirch
        Marie-Isabelle KirchGlobal Branding Consultant / Germany Correspondent

        Country: Germany
        Marie-Isabelle of German American heritage has always been an intermediary between cultures. She has now broaden her cultural reach by adding Japanese to the mix. After studying at the University of Heidelberg she transferred to Kyoto University where she continued her studies of East Asian Studies and Asian business practices. Having previously spent six years in the field of Event management it has contributed greatly to her creativity and strength in the organization and management of all the projects she has been involved with. Her creativity and ability to work as a member of a team are invaluable characteristics she brings to this organization.

      • Nico Suhr
          Nico SuhrGlobal Branding Consultant / Germany Correspondent

          Country: Germany
          Spending his first years in Yokohama, Nico is always interested in closing the gap between his country of birth and Germany. Looking back on doing business with East-Asian partners for more than eight years he was specialized in finding business solutions as an intermediary and consultant between Asia and Europe. By giving advice to miscellaneous projects he was able to gain a lot of experience in creating a common ground for parties of different cultural backgrounds. To deepen his understanding in this respect he studied at Kyoto University.

        • Momoko Yamane
          Momoko YamaneAccounting & Finance

          Country: Japan
          Along with studies in accounting and marketing, Momo holds a strong interest in commercial fields from majoring in the empirical analysis of industrial organization. With this, her studies in accounting and business administration and her strong capacity for data analysis, she specializes in researching multiple industrial structures and holds a principle role for Aalto International in finance and accounting.

          Industries: Finance, Accounting


        • Motomitsu Kaetsu
            Motomitsu KaetsuVideo Creator

            Country: Japan
            Motomitsu Kaetsu / Raybase LLC CEO / Apple Certified Pro
            Born in Tokyo. After attending university and graduate school to study film production, he joined Apple. He engaged in training in multiple creative fields such as movies, photos, design, etc. After leaving Apple, he participated in in various production of films as director and cinematographer. At the same time, participated in ODA (Official Development Assistance) projects, providing technical assistance to the national broadcasters and national theaters of Bhutan, Djibouti, Costa Rica, and Pakistan. Also provided many news stories from around the globe to broadcast outlets as an international journalist. A strong believer in the power of story-telling, he founded video the production company Raybase LLC. As a «Storytelling Machine», he assisted Japanese industries and foreign media companies in telling stories.

            Areas of expertise: Documentary/News program production, video production for commercials, dramas, and promotions, imaging techniques, live streaming, Southeast Asia, India, American industry: B2B (general electric, electronic components, automotive, environmental technology), B2C (music, events, entertainment, tourism, F&B)